Give large windows and patio doors a touch of elegance and a sheer view to the outdoors with Vertical Sheer Shades. These vertical shades are available in a lovely assortment of fabrics that can be customized to fit your space. Add a dressy touch to any room, whether contemporary or classic.



  • An ideal solution for patio doors and wide windows.
  • Integrates solid and sheer fabric vanes for perfect light control and privacy.
  • Provides UV Protection acting as a buffer between interiors and the sun.
  • Offers a unique combination of vertical blinds and drapery for soft elegant look and great functionality.
  • Utilizes a simple push and pull control with a traveling wand, as well as a rotating feature to control the slats position.
  • 3 Operation Options: open to the Left, open to the Right or split in the Middle.
  • Available with minimalistic track or a decorative custom valance for a finished look.
  • Can be mounted Inside or Outside the opening/window frame.
  • Enhance your space with a soft white sheer fabric.

  • Set the mood by adding some color and texture.

  • Customize your shades' Operation Mode and have your shades shift your way.

  • Enjoy the simplicity of operation and full control.